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    Message par Michocko le Sam 25 Avr - 15:13

    Organized by the TDX
    With the support of TEAM JTT

    New concept for this competition Endurance DIRT Relay

    10 Teams of 4 Players

    6 Dates 6 Races in mode relay

    Each player makes 2 relays of three laps. 24 laps per TEAM
    Registrations of the team only if invite
    The list of the players can change each evening
    Driving for one team only
    TEAM Ranking only available
    No Individual ranking
    More than 28000 planets of price

    Rules of the WEC 2015

    You compose your team according to the availabilities of the pilots for each evening. The pilots are interchangeable within your TEAM each day of match. The pilots defend their TEAM and not their personal interest. No personal ranking. The pilots on the server will join their TEAM, and only them will be able to drive.
    Each player who leaves the server, will penalize his team. In case of disconnection, the player passes his turn and comes back in the team. If it does not come back, its team will be penalized.
    For the players without TEAM, there will be a virtual TEAM, they can join a TEAM and only one throughout all competition

    Friday evening 21:30 starts of each race
    You can join the JTT competition server at 9pm.
    Password: Will be given before each day!
    First race will be on May 22nd, 2015
    Then June 5th, 2015
    June 12th, 2015
    June 19th, 2015
    June 26th, 2015
    End of the competition the July 3thd/2015

    Each team is classified according to the order of finish of each race; the TEAM who arrived 1st of the evening will have 1 point, 2nd will have 2 points and so on to the last team which will have 10 points (if there are 10 teams).
    The TEAM winner of the competition, will be the TEAM having cumulated the less points on the whole competition. A TEAM which would not be present on one evening will be classified last with 11 points. There is no possible joker.
    Price lists:
    Each Race will award a prize to the first 3 teams.
    First: 1000 planets
    Second: 500 Planets
    Third: 250 Planets
    The final ranking will award a prize to all the teams participating

    First: 5000 planets
    Second: 4000 Planets
    Third: 3000 Planets
    Fourth: 2000 Planets
    Fifth: 1500 Planets
    Sixth: 1000 Planets
    Seventh: 750 Planets
    Eighth: 500 Planets
    Ninth: 250 Planets
    Tenth: 200 Planets

    Update :
    While each match, only the drivers who have to run, can connect on the competition server. All others players must be connect on the TV server associate to the competition, link while will be given later. In case of connection on the compétition server, the players will be eject.

    About Line Up :
    If we get the ten Teams as expect, there will have only one LU by team.

    In case of less than 10 Teams, we can imagine to have 2 Line up by team.

    Driving Rules :

    if there is a cut, it's forbiden to use, replays can be ask, if used, drivers are exclued from de championship

    Définition :  cleevers, is consider as a technical fact, and is allowed

    Cleever = jump in the same way as the track and  still driving in the track, from track to track

    Cut = jump anywhere else than the track, trying to go reverse way, or respawn from a chekopoint ...  you all know... what it mean...


    End of race time, is fix to 10 sec, so that situation is stop with the time of the first team to finish. It's no need that all teams finish.

      La date/heure actuelle est Mer 21 Fév - 12:08